on December 18, 2013


Personal trainer Erin Oprea is best known in Nashville, Tennessee as the “trainer to the stars.” Some of your favorite country artists look to Erin to get their bodies looking good and in the best shape for when it comes time to walk the red carpet or keep up endurance while on the road touring.

A few notable clients of Erin’s include Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Nettles, Lauren Alaina,Denise Jackson and more, and we know all of these country ladies look gorgeous.

Clients that work with Erin’s trainers have the option to train privately in the comfort of their own homes and on the road when necessary. That’s definitely a great perk considering most of Erin’s clients have very busy schedules.


We wanted to know just what Erin does to make sure her clients are in the best shape, so check out our Q&A below.

Spotlight Country: What is it about personal training that gets you excited to wake up everyday?

Erin Oprea: I have a real passion for fitness.  I love to help people reach their goals.  It’s so much fun to see my clients evolve and the joy they get when one day they realize all the hard work that we have put in together has really paid off.

SC: What’s your process like when coming up with a client’s plan for health/fitness?

EO: It all depends on their ultimate goals and fitness level.  Everything is completely customized.  I cater to all ages, abilities and clients’ needs.  A lot is learned after that first week of training, never lie to your lawyer, doctor and personal trainer! :-)

SC: We can imagine your clients are very busy people. What type of workout do you recommend for someone short on time?

EO: Interval training cardio sessions are a quick way to burn massive calories within a tight schedule.  Also, compound weight movements cram great routines with limited breaks.  Example: Do a lunge into a curl, a squat into a shoulder press, sumo squat into upright row.  mix in planks and pushups and complete all these again with minimal rest.

SC: Do you have any must-do moves or exercises?

EO: Lunges, Squats, Push-Ups and Dips.  These simple body-weight exercises have a multitude of variations and do wonders for your body. Plyometrics are a must for big calorie burners.

SC: Do you have a client that stands out to you as super motivated?

EO: Yes, nearly every one of my clients have their days of super motivation. However, they are normal people and sometimes seem to get more excited when I leave then when I show up!

SC: Since it’s the holiday season, what advice do you give your clients for making it through the holidays without gaining those extra pounds?

EO: Between each cocktail, drink a full glass of water before moving onto the next adult beverage.  Don’t stand next to the food! Mingle, have fun! Please stay out of arms reach! The item you bring to share should be something you are okay with eating and partake in the other delights in moderation.

SC: In your mind, what’s a good New Year’s resolution when it comes to health/weight loss?

EO: Everyone has different weight loss goals but a good fitness resolution is to live an active lifestyle.  Whether that’s getting 10,000 steps on your pedometer daily, training and running a community race, or making it to the gym four days a week, you need to be consistently active.  Along with nutrition, you most definitely will see progress in that weight loss goal.

SC: Who are you listening to while you’re working out?

EO: Ha! I like upbeat, fun dance music.  Who couldn’t smile and be motivated to some good 90′s hip hop.  Back that “bum” up, Let’s get married by Jagged Edge and Tootsie Roll are just a couple.