Curb your appetite

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You’re all alone at home one afternoon with a pantry full of goodies. Maybe you’re bored, or having a tough day; regardless, at some point you dip into the snack drawer for a handful of something delicious—and before you know it, you’re back in the kitchen, looking for more.

Look, we’ve all been there! And to be clear, it’s totally okay to have a snack between meals. What’s dangerous is not stopping at one healthy bite. Here are some simple ways you can curb your appetite and stay away from mindless snacking:

4 Fun Ways to Stay Active on Your Family Beach Vacation

When you take a holiday, go enjoy that wonderful sun and sand, but make sure you reserve time to take care of your health, too. It’s fine to take a break from work—but you should never take a break from your fitness! Playing in the water is a great way to tone muscles and burn calories, whether you’re in the pool or, even better, in the ocean. And there are other great ways to stay active at the beach, too. Try the following activities during your next vacation to get you and your family moving, laughing, and bonding.

A few weeks ago we posted a great workout using the Bosu ball, a fabulous piece of equipment that forces you to balance while performing strength training exercises.

I want to add to your repertoire of moves with this great core set on the Bosu. Working your abs will help you build the strength you need to perform many everyday activities, and will also relieve stress on your back.

Integrating these four exercises into your routine will help you see a difference in your core strength. Try repeating each set at least twice, with the goal of eventually being able to complete this round of four exercises in one workout session, three to four times a week.

Weight loss

Let me make something clear: This story isn’t about juicing, shakes, cutting out entire food groups, or jumping on the next popular quick-fix diet. The tips I list here are tried and true guidelines proven to help you tone up and trim down. I’m sure you’ve heard some of these before, but I thought it would be handy to list them all here, in one place, for your easy reference. So without further ado, here are my five favorite no-fail weight loss tips:


In Nashville, where I live, we’re lucky: A beautiful, sunny day comes around quite often.

When we can grab a day away from work (and the kids!), my husband and I like to take l-o-n-g bike rides around town, stopping by some of our favorite places to eat and drink, and taking in the sights in our fun city.

Low Salt Diet

Here’s a common enough early summer scenario: You have a week left before you and your friends hit the beach. You’ve been trying to get ready, but now you’re out of time. What can you do in a pinch to feel better in your swimsuit? Here’s a quick fix: Put down the salty snacks!