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I want to put together for you today a full body workout that you can blast through to give you some great muscle tone and will sneak in some cardio if you do it right too! Are you short on time or space? Is it raining or the sunniest perfect day outside? This move is for you! No excuses, try it out.


Everyone has stress in their lives but do you know how it can truly affect how healthy you are? It is amazing how many different ways stress will create havoc for you. You will have mood swings with anger problems and depression, appetite will raise and lower to extreme levels and you will swing from a complete lack of energy to panic attacks. Many symptoms that generate from stress can be blamed on something entirely else because you simply don’t see what is truly causing everything. The list of symptoms below will focus on one aspect; The fact that your weight gain and lack of results when trying to reduce that weight may very well be directly associated with how much stress you carry along with you!


One of my favorite dinner time indulgences are sweet potatoes with a little bit of butter and brown sugar. I will occasionally make half of one as a side item for myself and my husband for dinner. They are so melt-in-your-mouth delicious. With fall creeping up, I decided to try that autumn classic, butternut squash. I cubed the squash and placed the pieces on a sheet in the oven. After sprinkling some honey and cinnamon on them, I found them to be absolutely tasty! They were right on par with my sweet potatoes and I started thinking about the health benefits of both of these wonderful foods and how they compared to each other.


We have often talked about keeping sodium levels in your diet low to reduce bloating. But what if you have been working super hard to quit the processed foods and still feel that your clothes are hugging your stomach a little too tight? Read through these bloat-causing habits and maybe you will find the key to calming your stomach.



The plank exercise is a great way to strengthen your core. But did you know that within the plank’s basic structure, you can incorporate strength training that will burn lots more calories! Try these great weighted variations on a classic Pilates move. Make sure that your hands are always directly beneath your shoulders when supporting your plank. Keep your feet shoulder width apart. And try not to let your torso twist by keeping your core tight.


My Secret to Healthy Eating


If you have a busy lifestyle, the key to eating healthy is prepping as much healthy food as possible in advance. (If you feel that you have to be a chef to prepare every meal, you will soon find yourself fed up with being healthy!) I will walk you through the weekly preparation that occurs in my house to give you some ideas.

Monday is our grocery shopping day. It tends tend to be much less busy than Sunday, which means much less stress at the store.

When we arrive home, my husband, Sean, and I delve into about an hour’s worth of prep that will leave us ready for the week. (Without a doubt, I have the best husband around, by the way!)