People ask me all the time how to get my clients’ beautiful legs and there is absolutely a simple answer; Hard work and dedication. This isn’t a secret, nearly everybody knows this and yet people still try and find the magic answer or exercise that will get it for themselves. For each time I hear people shout “Leg Goals!” I can tell you that that client got there by working hard, never giving up and pushing through their comfort zone.

I recommend a minimum of 10,000 steps a day for your overall health but as great as those steps are for your body, they’re not going to give you the sculpted legs you desire. To see those pretty muscles, you have to target your legs from every direction. Lunges and squats are natural go-to moves but you’ll have to go farther than that. We’re not talking about just one kind of lunge or one kind of squat! Working the backs of your legs is super important too so hamstring exercises are a must as well. You have to break your comfort zone and train your legs hard (but safe!). Hit every angle for muscle development but just like every other muscle they need time to recover. You can’t train legs every day.

I train legs in different styles every day. Some days it’s Tabata plyometrics without weight, some days it’s Tabata basic moves without weight, some days it’s going heavy with basic reps and high weights. It really changes every day. This confusion for your muscles doubles as both a way for you not to plateau and also a distraction to boredom! Bottom line is you’ve got to keep going past that first tough leg day and make these workouts a regular thing. Never give up (and your foam roller might become your bff)!

Of course, all this hard work targeting your legs won’t do any good if you’re not cleaning up your diet at the same time. I say this constantly: you cannot out-train a bad diet! You’ve worked so hard on developing those muscles and the only way to see them is to lean down your body.  

My book, The 4x4 Diet, has great tips on how to do this. The ideas written there are how I live and encourage my clients to follow. They are simple changes with drastic results and is meant for you to create a healthy livable lifestyle that lasts forever. This is not a quick fix!!

The first thing I tell my clients is to cut out are the starchy carbs in the evening. This DOES NOT mean that you no longer eat carbs at dinner.  However, the breads, pastas, rice and postatoes are out (AT NIGHT)! You want to focus on lean proteins and yummy veggies for dinner. You won’t miss these carbs because you’re not cutting them out of your diet, just shifting the time when you eat them.

Starches are your energy source, eat them earlier in the day. Don’t let them sit in your body through the night and store as fat for “use” later. Unfortunately, fat is an energy storage system your body has developed without consulting societal norms J. With this one change, I’ve seen big impacts in short amounts of time!

So you see those beautiful legs on stage and screen... do you really want THEIR red carpet legs? I want you to get committed about your own health and find YOUR beautiful legs!! You can do this and if need be, grab a little help from me. Follow me @erinoprea on Instagram for some fun leg games (and other body parts) or ways to change up your daily routine. Get on board with me and be proud of all your hard work!