One of the tenets that I live by is getting creative with the moments in life that are usually done sitting down and making them as active as possible. I enjoy it, it keeps me healthy and I’m a busy professional trainer who needs to work out—many times these moments are all I get! So I bring weights to soccer practices, my phone for body weight Tabatas while waiting in between clients and a jump rope absolutely everywhere, especially to soccer games so I can get my cardio in while watching my boys kick some butt!


This is one big reason I wrote my book, The 4x4 Diet.  To encourage others to do the same by taking those normally down times and make them into something special for themselves. I love seeing others walking or jogging during their kids’ activities. I always get people saying to me that they would love to do this but feel silly and self-conscious doing it in front of others. It’s hard to convince them that it’s okay and that what others think about them trying to better themselves and stay healthy shouldn’t matter. It’s something that they eventually have to become comfortable with on their own.


This past weekend was no different. After a busy week, I had a busy Saturday lined up with even more work and two kids in two different cities kicking off their spring soccer seasons. I was able to catch games for both boys and was so happy they did well! After racing from work to catch a morning game I grabbed my jump rope, put on my favorite tunes and went back to getting my cardio in and racing toward a great day of steps on my Fitbit! Unbeknownst to me (but not for long—thanks, internet), I was photographed and posted online as a warning to all those who would even dare to work out at their son’s game. I present to you the latest bully in a long line of them:




The comments that followed were actually the best part. Thanks to a couple of great voices, instantly I was being defended by people I don’t even know and one wonderful person whom I know very well.





This is exactly why many people don’t embrace an active lifestyle in ordinary situations: They are worried that they will draw attention and, even worse, ridicule. Keeping yourself active and healthy in any way you can should be cheered and admired! I would love to see the day when there are more people running laps around the soccer field than there are people just sitting and watching. (Keep in mind: If you want to kick back and watch the game from the bleachers, I don’t judge.) Everyone has to find time in their busy schedules to get their workouts in. This is a time that works well for me and many other parents. I don’t want to see people getting bullied for doing what works best for their lifestyle. What I do care about are those who would love to be out moving but worry that they’re being judged. I don’t want the choice to be made for them because of bullies. These kinds of posts don’t change my opinion or actions, but I can see how they affect other people and I want that to change. So grab your jump rope, embrace that healthy lifestyle and keep on jumping if you hear whispering behind you. You’re the better person here in more ways than one.